Pwn2Own 2022 Competition Day 1 Windows 11 and Teams were hacked several times

During Pwn2Own's annual computer hacking competition event, contestants and cybersecurity experts demonstrate their skills in exploiting vulnerabilities, zero-day exploits and other issues to legally crack a variety of software and receive awards and recognition. This year, during Pwn2Own 2022 in Vancouver, contestants successfully cracked Microsoft Teams and Windows 11 on the first day.

Hector "p3rro" Peralta was the first person to hack Microsoft Teams. He demonstrated a misconfiguration against Microsoft Enterprise Messenger and was awarded $150,000 for his discovery. Daniel Lim Wee Soong, Poh Jia Hao, Li Jiantao, and Ngo Wei Lin demonstrated zero-click exploits of two vulnerabilities, and more are being discovered for the Teams application. Teams applications continue to be exploited.

Windows 11 is not immune to hacking either. Despite Microsoft's strong emphasis on security in its latest operating system, Marcin Wionczewski performed an out-of-bounds write privilege escalation in Windows 11. For this, Marcin received $40,000 and high praise from Microsoft.

Microsoft's products weren't the only software hackers cracked on the first day of the 2022 Pwn2Own competition in Vancouver. Participants managed to earn points and money by cracking Oracle Virtualbox, Mozilla Firefox, Ubuntu Desktop and Apple Safari. Events like this help Microsoft and other companies improve the security of their products and motivate skilled hackers to stay on the right side of cyber law.

On the first day, hackers earned a total of $800,000 by exploiting 16 zero-day vulnerabilities in multiple products. On days two and three, participants were able to earn more than $1 million by hacking other software, gadgets and cars (Tesla Model 3 and Model S).

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