Why is iOS 15.5 Worth updating? Longer battery life and faster response time

On May 17, Apple pushed out the official iOS 15.5 update, upgrading the baseband to version 1.61.00 to improve the iPhone's signal performance and fixing the problem of the home app automation program not accurately identifying location information in the new version. On the surface, iOS 15.5 seems to have no stunning new features, and many people are hesitant to update, but foreign media have discovered the hidden features of iOS 15.5.

The first is the security aspect, iOS 15.5 fixes more than twenty bugs, most of which can be triggered by remote, part of which can be triggered by malicious websites, although no one is currently using these vulnerabilities to attack, but it is better to plan ahead than to mend.

One of the reasons for many people's hesitation is the fear that the update will do more harm than good, the foreign media has shown after testing that the updated battery life will be longer (at least not worse than before).

In tests of performance and overall usability, the iPhone was a bit more responsive after the update (although the change was minimal). In benchmark tests, iOS 15.5 appears to be comparable to iOS 15.4.1.

It's worth noting that Apple pushed out the iOS 15.6 Developer Preview Beta update on May 19, and developers will need to use Xcode 13.3.1 in order to develop on that version.

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