iPhone card removal pin price announced: selling $4.00 do you think expensive?

Previously, a netizen spoof, their own Pmap Apple card pin to sell $4.00, its slogan for "expensive just good", so many netizens believe it, in fact, Apple has never sold a separate iPhone card pin.

Recently, Apple officially launched its own/self-service repair service, and also opened a "self-service repair store" website for the service. Users can buy Apple's parts and tools.

Interestingly, the iPhone card removal pin really hit the shelves this time, but in a self-service repair store for $4.

In this regard, some netizens flirted with: "Have an apple logo?" , "I took out a box of paper clips".

Currently, the service has been first opened in the United States, supporting devices for the iPhone 12 full series, iPhone 13 full series and iPhone SE 3, and will be extended to support M1 processor Mac products as well as towards the European market by the end of the year.

In addition to providing parts and accessories, the Apple Self-Service Store also offers repair kits that users can rent for seven days at a price of $49.

The so-called self-service repair, is Apple open to the public official repair guide, original tools, required spare parts materials, etc., these things and the genius bar and authorized dealers can get exactly the same, users can access, buy or rent, and then do their own repair of damaged equipment.

Do you think it's expensive to sell a card removal pin for $4? See you in the comments section.

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