Apple to build a new iPhone exposure: perfect shape True full-screen

Apple has been holding back big moves as they try to work on bringing a true full-screen iPhone.

Renowned analyst Mig Chi Kuo previously said that Apple could launch its first true full-screen smartphone in 2024, which means completely removing the bangs and placing devices such as the front-facing lens combined with facial recognition below the screen.

According to the supply chain, Apple's roadmap for adopting under-display Face ID in 2024, and current hardware and software limitations may also be a factor in Apple's commitment to perfecting under-screen technology.

This year, the iPhone 14 Pro model is said to remove the bangs and replace them with an exclamation point-shaped cutout. But Apple won't reveal any information before the launch, and for now these are still just speculations.

Apple's goal has always been to turn the phone into "a piece of glass", bangs, wired interface, these will be removed, it is only a matter of time.

Supply chain sources said that in 2024, high-end iPhone will use an under-screen display front camera and facial recognition device. Insufficient light will affect the quality of the front camera, and ISP and algorithms are the key to improving the quality of the front camera.

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