Win11 open third-party widget function hammered: can be downloaded through the Microsoft Store

Ever since Microsoft added the widget feature in Win10, there have been rumors that Microsoft plans to open up the third-party widget feature, which was also mentioned in the news about Win11 2022 update.

Today, tipster FireCube posted on social media that he found information about widget-related features in the latest Widgets list.

From the screenshots released, it appears that Microsoft will allow developers to upload their own widgets directly to the Microsoft Store, which means users will be able to download third-party widgets from the store just like apps.

Currently, the widget feature in Win11 only includes basic first-party widgets that allow users to check the weather, browse the calendar and to-do list, or view stock trends, but not much more.

The addition of third-party widgets will effectively help this feature out of its current dilemma.

However, it should be noted that, according to the previous breaking news, the widget needs to be developed based on Web, not native Win32 or UWP, which will reduce the difficulty of widget development, but the offline use becomes a problem.

Author: King
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