Apple is developing a more powerful Mac Pro: Processor uses M1 Ultra successor

Bloomberg reports that Apple is working on a more powerful Mac Pro that will feature a successor to the M1 Ultra. The new Mac Pro, codenamed J180, will include a successor to the M1 Ultra chip used in the Mac Studio computer," Bloomberg's Mark Gurman wrote in the report.

Gurman didn't provide any other information around the "successor," so there's no way to confirm the chip's official name or core information. But a statement said the new Apple Silicon chip will be based on TSMC's 4nm manufacturing process and is currently being tested with a third-party app in the App Store.

As previously reported, "The company is documented to be testing at least nine new Macs in its App Store with third-party apps using four different M2-based chips - the successors to the current M1 production line - and these records have been confirmed by people familiar with the matter. This move is a key step in the development process and suggests that the new machine could be close to release in the coming months.

An earlier rumor suggested that the Mac Pro would use Apple's UltraFusion process to combine two M1 Ultra blocks. While Gurman did not predict a history of the Mac Pro using a chipset formed through UltraFusion, he did say earlier that the workstation would have a custom chip with up to a 40-core CPU and 128-core GPU.

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