Apple closes iOS 15.4 verification channel What version are you?

On April 8, APPSofter learned that Apple has closed the verification channel for iOS 15.4, which was pushed out last month. Apple's move this means that if users have upgraded to iOS 15.4.1 or the latest iOS 15.5 beta, then they will not be able to downgrade.

At the beginning of last month, Apple pushed iOS version 15.4 to users, which attracted many users to update as it brought highly anticipated new features including mouthpiece unlocking. However, after updating to this version, some users said that the battery life level was found to be greatly reduced after using the phone for a period of time, thus also causing dissatisfaction among users.

Some users said that the bright screen time of iPhone 11 was only 2 hours and consumed 80% of the power in 24 hours, while iPhone 13 Pro Max, which is supposed to have the strongest battery life in the whole series, could only last half a day.

In response, Apple also responded by saying that it was investigating the battery life crash issue raised by users. Subsequently, Apple pushed out iOS 15.4.1 on April 1, fixing the problem of excessive battery consumption in iOS 15.4.

However, according to Apple's own advice, users should keep the system version up to date officially. It is worth mentioning that the WWDC 2022 conference has been confirmed to open on June 6, when iOS 16 will debut, interested parties can look forward to a wave.

It is reported that the WWDC will be Apple's first offline form of launch in the past three years.

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