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Recently, Microsoft pushed Windows 11 Build 22593 to Devs and Beta folks in the Insider channel, a release that includes various new changes that will be present in version 22H2.

Windows 11 Build 22593 is part of the Nickel branch, so it does not yet include features related to File Manager multi-tab support, but brings a number of fixes.

This update, specifically titled "Windows 11 Insider Preview 22593 (NI_RELEASE)", does not bring multi-tab features to File Manager, but it does bring some other changes.

It is worth noting that all improvements or fixes in this Windows 11 Build 22593 are related to version 22H2 (Fall 2022 update).

In the new version of Win11, the splendid "Quick Access" module on the left side of File Manager has been updated and is now renamed "Home". Microsoft plans to integrate Office 365 and OneDrive into File Explorer, allowing users to connect their accounts to access content.

The "Quick Access" module usually refers to folders that are pinned by the user, but now pinned files are called "Favorites". According to Microsoft officials, the change was made to bring the File Explorer module naming in line with Office and OneDrive.

In the search box, you can now search not only for recent and locally fixed files directly, but also for results from Office, allowing users to find recently shared Office files.

Some of the improvements and bug fixes in Windows 11 Build 22593 are worth mentioning. For example, Microsoft Journal is now pinned to the Pen menu by default.

If the user does not have the app installed and selects it on the Pen menu, it will be installed from the Microsoft Store. journal is a digital inking solution, and the app is designed to make it easy for users to record ideas, draw, and add annotations to PDFs at any time.

Journal uses an artificial intelligence-based solution to recognize editing and semantic gestures on the device.

In Windows 11 Build 22593, press the "Win+Z" shortcut to view a numbered snapshot of the window, which allows users to use the numbered keys to quickly select the application that corresponds to the window.

Microsoft has also improved the Focused Sessions feature and now adds five-minute increments to the length option for everything under half an hour.

In terms of security, Microsoft proactively notifies users to turn on the memory integrity feature in the system. This feature is designed to prevent attacks that insert malicious code into high-security processes.

This feature can be found in Windows Security under Device Security > Core Isolation, and if the user turns it off, Microsoft will notify the user that the feature is turned off, reminding them to turn it back on to protect against malicious attacks.

In addition, Microsoft has updated the ADLaM keyboard layout to add access to brackets and ADLaM Hamza.

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