On the occasion of Xiaomi’s 12th anniversary, Lei Jun microblogged a long article: thank you for MI fans

Xiaomi Technology founder Lei Jun microblogged a group photo of Xiaomi executives in Beijing today and posted an article saying that today is the 12th anniversary of the founding of Xiaomi and the annual "Mi Fan Festival". Lei Jun said, 12 years ago recently, Lei Jun and other 13 people together with a bowl of millet porridge, in Zhongguancun started a business, after years of struggle, Xiaomi finally became the youngest 500 companies in history.

Phoenix Technology also learned that previously Lei Jun revealed that the Xiaomi Group has formed a high-end strategy working group. Will firmly promote high-end, not only to achieve three years cell phone sales of the world's first, and the product and experience to a comprehensive benchmark iPhone, three years to take the first domestic high-end market share.

In addition, Lei Jun also microblogged a photo of him when he just started the business and sent a sentiment, at that time, none of us thought that Xiaomi could develop to today's scale. At the same time, Lei showed the logo of Xiaomi when it was first established, the initial version of the Xiaomi logo or Chinese, with the classic orange color scheme.

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