AMD graphics drivers accused of bypassing users to modify CPU settings without permission

Today, according to a news release from Igor's Lab, AMD's graphics drivers may be modifying CPU settings without the user's knowledge. According to user feedback, in the use of "3A platform", that is, AMD's CPU, motherboard and graphics card integration platform, there is a driver in the application of the GPU configuration file, automatically start PBO or CPU OS settings, and override the user configuration with arbitrary configuration, the stability of the CPU has been affected.

There is an opinion that it is due to AMD's Ryzen Master module integrated into Adrenalin 22.3.1 or later software that causes the program to bypass the user to modify the CPU settings.

After this occurs, users can restore the CPU configuration by entering the motherboard BIOS and re-entering the settings; they are also able to fix the problem by running Radeon Software Slimmer and removing the Ryzen Master SDK.

In addition, creating a new tuning profile for the GPU in Adrenalin is also able to prevent the driver from modifying the configuration in the motherboard BIOS.

Currently, there are already users in the official AMD community who have reported the problem and other "victims" have replied, but AMD has not yet officially responded to the situation.

It is worth mentioning that only users with 3A platform will encounter the problem, Intel, AMD, NVIDIA three "mixed" users are not affected at all.

Author: King
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