Win11 native programs: Microsoft’s refactored Outlook coming to public preview

Earlier this year, it was announced that Microsoft was working on a refactoring project called "Project Monarch" for Outlook as part of the project to update the Win11 native program.

Today, according to Windows Latest, the new Outlook will soon be available for public preview for Win11 and Win10.

It is said that the new Outlook has undergone more than a year of development work, and it can integrate the current email client on Windows, thus simplifying the user experience.

Similar to "Mail & Calendar" in Win10 era, in Outlook, users only need to log in their Microsoft account to sync and view emails between different devices.

However, compared with Mail & Calendar, Outlook adopts Win11 UI design language, which is more simple and beautiful, and can provide more operation functions.

Currently, the leaked installer of the new Outlook has been updated, which means that it will soon enter the public preview process and meet with users.

Author: King
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