Microsoft set up AMPX division: deepening the integration of Android and Windows

Several key Microsoft teams and departments will be reorganized once again. In a memo earlier this week, Chief Product Officer (CPO) Panos Panay announced the creation of a division called "Android Microsoft Platform and Experiences" (AMPX) that will integrate The division, called "Android Microsoft Platform and Experiences" (AMPX), will integrate the Surface Duo system, SwiftKey, Phone Link, Microsoft Launcher and many other Android teams.

Previously, most of the Android work, represented by SwiftKey and Microsoft Launcher, was developed by the Microsoft Mobile Experiences (MMX) team, which also focused on platform products such as iOS and iPadOS. The newly formed AMPX division will focus on product development for the Android platform, truly bringing the Android platform to the same level of priority as Windows.

Microsoft is shifting much of its Android work to a new dedicated division led by Panos Panay, similar to what the company did with Windows in February 2020. A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed the reorganization in a statement to Windows Central.

Like all companies, we regularly evaluate our business. We have recently made organizational changes to accelerate our impact and better serve our customers and partners.

The sources revealed that Microsoft will make big moves to the Android and Windows platforms in the coming years, including enhancing the deep integration between Android phones and Windows PCs, not just what the current Phone Link app enables. Microsoft wants to position Android smartphones as an extension of Windows PCs, with the goal of creating an interoperable experience similar to that of the iPhone and Mac.

The reorganization comes with new roles for several of the company's key players. shilpa Ranganathan will take over the leadership role in the Windows PM organization from Linda Averett, who will move to a new team focused on privacy, compliance and security. Ali Akgun, former CEO of Microsoft's Surface division, will reportedly lead the new AMPX group.

In this reorganization, CIO Michael Fortin is retiring, and his role will be split between several different leaders in the Windows + Devices organization. I've also heard that there will be no layoffs as part of this reorganization. Overall, the reorganization looks like it's designed to allow Microsoft to better deliver products and experiences on Android, as well as strengthen the integration between Android smartphones and Windows PCs.

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