OPPO K10 series exposure : Dimensity 8000+80W

With the launch of the Dimensity 8000 series chip, the next wave of flagship phones equipped with this chip will be ushered in the market, which also includes OPPO.

OPPO has already announced that the OPPO K10 series will be the first to be equipped with the Dimensity 8000 when MediaTek released this chip earlier.

This morning, the well-known breaking news blogger @数码闲聊站 posted an article revealing that the OPPO K10 series will be officially released this month and is expected to be announced after the Qingming Festival holiday.

According to the previous news, the new OPPO K10 series is suspected to have entered the network as early as last month, 3C certification information shows that the machine will support up to 80W fast charging, which is currently the most mainstream flagship configuration of OPPO.

It is speculated that there will be at least two models of the OPPO K10 series, the K10 and K10 Pro, of which the K10 will be equipped with the Dimensity 8000, while the K10 Pro will be upgraded to the somewhat more powerful Dimensity 8100.

Specifically, the Dimensity 8000 series uses TSMC's 5nm manufacturing process, the CPU is eight cores, including four A78, four A55, along with 4MB of tertiary cache, the GPU is six-core Mali-G610, in addition to the fifth-generation AI processor APU 580, including two performance cores, a general-purpose core.

Frequency, Dimensity 8000 CPU 2.75GHz + 2.0GHz, Dimensity 8100 large core increased to 2.85GHz, in addition to the GPU frequency increased by 20%, APU large core frequency increased by 25%.

From some of the models that have been listed so far, the Dimensity 8000 series chips can really balance performance and power consumption, performance and Snapdragon 888 class, but only Snapdragon 870 class of power consumption, the reputation is very good.

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