MediaTek world premiere! Will support the new features of Dolby Vision: 8K support

Today, MediaTek officially announced that it has become the world's first TV chip supplier to support the Dolby Vision IQ precision detail feature, and its Pentonic series of 4K and 8K chips will all support the feature.

It is reported that the precise detail is for the use of Dolby Vision IQ smart TV, the introduction of an image processing function.

Through this function, the bright and dark parts of the picture will be rendered more detailed, and have a stronger sense of texture and layers, so that the image in 4K or 8K high-definition display, but still excellent performance.

According to MediaTek, in addition to the precise detail features, the Pentonic chip will also support display technologies such as 4K 120Hz Dolby Vision, automatic low latency mode and variable refresh rate.

In addition, MediaTek will also introduce Intelligent View technology, which is capable of processing multiple Dolby Vision image sources at the same time so that different high-quality video content can be viewed in multiple windows.

According to the information announced by MediaTek, the Pentonic chips supporting the above features will be provided to TV manufacturers one after another in the second half of this year.

Author: King
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