Xiaomi scrolling screen latest patent approved: into the wind component active heat dissipation

With the gradual maturity of flexible screen technology, the major cell phone manufacturers have made efforts to invest in it, in addition to several OLED flexible screen folding cell phone, scroll screen cell phone concept is gradually more and more. Ltd. was granted a patent for "a heat dissipation structure and electronic device for scrolling screen".

The abstract shows that said scroll screen includes a body and a split body provided within the body, a cavity, and an air inlet hole in the body.

Wherein, the air inlet hole and the cavity body are connected, the cavity body is provided with an air inlet assembly and connected to an air conduction channel, and the air conduction channel passes through the heat generating parts in the body and extends to the sub-body, thereby increasing the heat dissipation capability of the phone itself by using the cavity body after the scroll screen is unfolded and actively dissipating heat from the body and sub-body of the scroll screen through the air inlet assembly.

According to LetsGoDigital's previous news, in 2019 Xiaomi applied to the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) for a patent for a "terminal device with a flexible screen", which was granted on October 29, 2019 and published in the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) database.

As seen in the rendering based on the patented design, the phone is similar to the Xiaomi MIX Alpha, a wrap-around screen concept machine previously shown by Xiaomi, with the difference that the screen extends up to 200% in width and can automatically adjust the screen size according to the content displayed.

In addition, two foldable support structures have been added inside the body to ensure that there are no visible creases when the screen is retracted.

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