Foxconn: Shenzhen campus basically resumed normal operations will continue to put into iPhone production

Some time ago, because of the Shenzhen epidemic prevention and control policy, Foxconn notified the Shenzhen factories to suspend operations to cooperate with the local epidemic prevention work.

The notice mentions that Hon Hai (Foxconn's parent company) is located in the Chinese mainland Shenzhen parks (Longhua, Guanlan, etc.) to cooperate with the local government's new crown epidemic prevention and control work, suspended operations from now on, the actual resumption of work time to be notified by the local government.

According to the latest reports, Honghai March 21 has issued an announcement on the Taiwan Stock Exchange, in accordance with the "Shenzhen new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control command notice", Honghai in Shenzhen Longhua, Guanlan and other major parks, in compliance with the epidemic prevention policy, the strict implementation of the epidemic prevention and control premise, today has basically resumed normal work order and production operations.

It is reported that Foxconn Longhua and Guanlan factory have IDPBG business group production line, IDPBG that is "digital products business group", the main production of mobile communication terminal equipment, is mainly responsible for OEM Apple iPhone, but also responsible for iPad, Apple computer and other products accessories production and assembly work.

Previously, Foxconn said during the shutdown that there were other backup plants, and the necessary production deployment had been made to reduce the impact on the company's operations.

Foxconn Shenzhen factory suspended production of iPhone: backup plant has been working supply chain normal operation

After this resumption of work, the relevant factory will be the first to put into production tasks of iPhone and other products, the main force should still be the iPhone 13 series and the new iPhone SE.

It is worth noting that last month there was news that the iPhone 14 has entered the trial production phase at the foundry, and it is unclear whether this shutdown at Shenzhen Foxconn will have some impact on Apple.

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