Intel 14 generation Core denies jumping the gun: 2021 on the flow of film

Intel will launch 13 generation Core Raptor Lake at the end of this year, with 12 generation Core based on Intel 7 process and small and large core architecture, next year is 14 generation Core Meteor Lake, there are rumors that this generation of processors to jump, but sources have debunked the rumors.

The news from Twitter friend @witeken said that there are voices on the Internet that Meteor Lake processors are flowing in the second half of 2022 H2, according to which it is inferred that Meteor Lake was delayed to the second half of next year, this statement is wrong, the flow of the second half of this year is the production flow, Meteor Lake has actually been tested as early as 2021 flow.

Meteor Lake is the code name of the 14th generation Core, this generation is still small and large core architecture, in which the performance core upgraded Redwood Cove, performance core upgraded Crestmont architecture, while on the Foveros 3D package, the integration of a variety of IP cores, CPU computing cores will be the first Intel 4 process production, that is, the previous 7nm EUV process.

According to Intel, the Intel 4 process will be put into production in the second half of 2022, and its transistor performance per watt will increase by about 20%.

As for the time to market, the 14 generation Core was previously said to be in the first half of next year on the issue, but the main focus is on the mobile market, the desktop platform will also be available, but will not be the main focus.

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