Apple’s new Mac Pro exposed: with two M1 Ultra

On March 14, blogger @Majin Bu revealed that Apple's 2022 Mac Pro will be equipped with a new custom chip, codenamed "Redfern", which may be made of two M1 Ultra connected and will be released in September.

Apple launched the M1 Ultra custom processor at its March 9 launch event, using the UltraFusion packaging architecture, which interconnects two M1 Max grains internally using a silicon intermediary layer to achieve a 20-core CPU and 64-core GPU.

The strength of the M1 Ultra needs no introduction, and it is really hard to imagine how powerful a processor made from two M1 Ultra stitched together. If the new chip is really two M1 Ultra spliced together, then this chip will have a 40-core CPU, 128-core GPU, and support 256GB of unified memory.

The combined chip would also be much larger, with a single M1 Ultra eight times larger than the M1, and seven times the number of transistors. Assuming the new chip retains the exact same specifications as the two M1 Ultra chips, the final chip could be 16 times larger than the M1.

If Apple makes such a choice, the chip development costs will come down a lot, just keep producing M1 Max and splicing it into different chips through packaging technology.

Earlier, Apple also said that the Mac Pro in 2022 is still under planning, and everyone can expect a more powerful processor than the M1 Ultra. Let's wait and see whether the final chip is the M2 or M1 Ultra x 2.

Author: King
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