Apple iOS “display artifact” exposure: 7K screen + A13

As the countdown to Apple's spring event begins, Mark Gurman, a well-known journalist, has revealed that Apple will release a new device called the Mac Studio and a display running iOS.

Mark Gurman said on social media that the Mac Studio and the new iOS-running display are "ready to go" and that he believes both devices will be introduced at the event early Wednesday morning Beijing time.

The Mac Studio can be seen as a smaller version of the Mac Pro, or a more powerful Mac mini, while the iOS display will have an A-series chip built in (some sources say it will be powered by the A13).

Apple is reportedly testing a new external display, codenamed "J327", which is a standalone display with a dedicated Apple Silicon chip.

While it's unclear whether the new Apple Studio Display is a replacement for the Pro Display XDR or a new option with unique features in the lineup, those familiar with the matter say the new display has a 7K resolution.

By comparison, the Pro Display XDR comes with a 32-inch 6K (6016 x 3384) panel with 218 pixels per inch. The higher resolution could mean that the new Apple display will have a higher pixel density of 245 PPI, or it will keep the same 218 PPI as the Pro Display XDR, but presented on a larger 36-inch panel.

In fact, sources have previously revealed that Apple plans to launch several new Macs in 2022, plus a new standalone display that will be half the price of the Pro Display XDR.

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