Apple may launch dark green iPhone 13

Apple will officially hold its spring launch event at 2:00 a.m. Beijing time on March 9 (tonight), and sources say that in addition to new products, the event will also introduce a new colorway of the iPhone 13 to stimulate market sales.

Today there is a topic about dark green iPhone 13 rushed on all platforms hot search, by the majority of netizens concern, and sparked a hot debate.

According to the exposed concept drawings, the industry has not yet settled on the final effect of the green version of the iPhone 13, and a variety of color schemes have appeared on the network, with huge differences, ranging from light to dark in color.

However, from the current feedback of users, it seems that everyone is not very interested in the new green version of the iPhone 13, in addition to the exposed pictures do not look too beautiful, there are also users tease this is "leek green", the meaning is not friendly.

On the contrary, people prefer the previously exposed purple version of the iPhone 13.

In some previous rumors, iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro will be launched in purple version, where the iPhone 13 series of purple is relatively heavier, more neutral compared to the previous generation, male users female users can easily get started.

As for the iPhone 13 Pro, the purple version is slightly lighter than the iPhone 13, and due to the glossy stainless steel bezel effect and frosted glass, the overall appearance of some "glowing" effect.

It should be reminded that the two colorways are still only exposed, Apple's secrecy has always been very good, before the real release, it is not sure whether there will be a corresponding colorway debut, perhaps only ever tested color.

The more noteworthy is the iPhone SE3, from the recent multi-breaking news, the probability of the release of the machine is very large, in appearance and the previous generation is identical, only in the core will be replaced with A15 chip, the new 5G network, the starting price in 3000 yuan file.

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