Xiaomi’s first Leica co-branding! Xiaomi 12 Ultra Q2 debuts

The Xiaomi 12 series has been released for quite a long time, according to this news the series also exists a super cup Xiaomi 12 Ultra model, last year Xiaomi 11 super cup was released in March.

According to the latest news from @DigitalChat, the Xiaomi 12 Ultra has been postponed and will debut only in Q2.

Configuration, so far the engineering machine has been or Samsung process Snapdragon 8 chip, but in view of the release time has been postponed, do not rule out the possibility of replacing the Snapdragon 8 Plus chip built by Samsung 4nm at a later stage.

In addition to the top performance, the positioning of the machine is also basically the same as last year's 11 mega cup, the main image system, previously there were rumors that the machine will continue to carry a periscopic telephoto lens, with a high pixel 5x telephoto, the imaging effect is very good, and there will be some new technology added to the self-research, may continue to dominate the DXO.

In addition, there is a lot of news that the machine will reach cooperation with Leica, becoming Xiaomi's first high-end flagship phone certified by Leica, will bring a huge bonus in the imaging effect and high-end image, worth looking forward to.

Although the specific image specifications have not yet been exposed, but in recent times by the multiple bursts of information out of the machine's appearance renderings, which shows that the machine uses a huge round rear camera module, which has at least four camera combination, including a periscope telephoto lens.

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