Intel: 12th generation Core does not support Microsoft Pluton security chip

At CES 2022, AMD introduced the Ryzen 6000 Rembrandt mobile APU, one of the key features of which is the addition of Microsoft's new Pluton security chip, which is what makes the Ryzen 6000 a Pluton security chip-equipped processor on the market.

Pluton was first introduced by Microsoft in 2020 as a hardware security technology, with partners AMD, Intel and Qualcomm, and one would have expected Intel to support Pluton as well.

However, an Intel spokesman told The Register that at least in the 12th generation Core, and will not support Pluton.

Pluton security chip because of the presence inside the CPU, can better protect the user's identity, encrypted information and other data security, and can also prevent attacks against the bus interface, protection is said to be better than TPM.

Apparently Intel has more confidence in its own TPM, called Platform Trust Technology (PTT), and is currently also strengthening its Threat Detection Technology (TDT) on the 12th generation vPro CPUs by working with ESET.

However, it is possible that Intel will support Pluton functionality in the 13th generation Core.

Although the technology is claimed to improve security, the open source community has not welcomed the technology. The main reason is that previous news said that with Pluton, the system will be forced to upgrade to Win11, and it is locked to Win11 system and does not support Linux, BSD and other third-party systems.

It was also previously reported that Lenovo confirmed that the Pluton feature would be disabled by default on laptops equipped with Rex 6000 series processors, with the user choosing whether to enable the feature.

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