Apple officially launches 36 interest-free installments

As we all know, the official purchase of iPhone and other products through Apple has always had a 2-year, 24-term interest-free installment service, reducing a lot of pressure for consumers.

However, because Apple products are now selling at a high price, the flagship iPhone has been priced at tens of thousands of dollars, after 24 periods is still expensive, to dissuade many desirable users, so Apple has come up with a 36 period interest-free installment method.

According to the netizens, Apple has recently taken the lead in Japan with 36 interest-free installments, allowing Japanese users to further reduce their monthly purchase costs when buying the iPhone 13 series.

Apple's current 36 period is staged through Paidy, new users will have some credit for registering their accounts, after which they will be able to use the interest-free installment.

In addition, this adjustment also added a new rule that allows users to upgrade the new iPhone in the 24th month, if the user chooses to upgrade, then the 25-36 month payment will not need to pay, but the machine will be recycled back, equivalent to 1/3 of the price of recycling the old machine against the 25-36 month payment.

It is also equivalent to spending 2/3 of the price for a 2-year iPhone, similar to the rental experience.

Price, when buying the top of the iPhone 13 Pro Max 1TB version, the full price of the sale price of 194,800 yen, a month will require 5411 yen, about 298 yuan.

The iPhone 13 mini can be purchased for as little as 1,600 yen per month, or about 88 yuan, which costs less than 100 yuan per month, and is indeed a good way to lower the threshold for users to purchase.

However, this activity is currently limited to the Japanese region, it is not certain whether the subsequent Apple will open up other regions of the market, or a lot of users hope that Apple can launch similar services in the country.

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