The Apple 2022 spring conference is already being recorded

It is customary for Apple to hold a spring launch event in March every year to release several new products, which is one of the most important Apple launches of the year.

According to the latest news from digital blogger @Shakunar Digital, Apple's spring launch is now being recorded.

It was previously announced that Apple's 2022 spring launch event will be held on Tuesday, March 8, and the choice of Tuesday is also the usual practice for every Apple launch event.

At that time, Apple will launch a number of new products, including iPhone SE 3, iPad Air 5, and MacBook Pro with M2 self-developed chip.

Among them, the iPhone SE 3 may still continue the iPhone 8 similar shape, the front with 4.7-inch LCD screen, retain the TouchID fingerprint home button, back with a single camera, etc., but the core will be equipped with A15 processor and the first time to support 5G network.

Price, iPhone SE 3 is expected to continue 3299 yuan to start, the price to buy the top A15 chip is really competitive, but such a small size of the non-comprehensive screen, there may not be too many people to get.

The iPad Air 5 will remain basically the same as the already released iPad mini 6 in terms of hardware configuration, including the A15 processor, 12-megapixel super wide-angle front camera with character centering, cellular version with 5G support, and so on. Other aspects and the current model remain unchanged, namely the 10.9-inch display, USB-C interface, single camera, etc., and the price remains unchanged from the previous generation.

As for the new MacBook, it will debut the M2 self-developed chip, with stronger performance than its predecessor.

In addition to performance improvements, the new MacBook Pro will bring more configuration reductions, will cut the Touch Bar, and in the screen, storage capacity and other aspects of different degrees of shrinkage, and no ProMotion high refresh rate, and will not use miniLED screen material.

However, this can bring a lower entry price to attract more consumers into the hands.

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