Win11 Pro Pro forces login to Microsoft online account: can’t skip

With Microsoft's promotion, there are more and more users of Win11 system, but there is a problem that needs attention - previously many people encountered the trouble of Microsoft's forced login online account when they installed the home version of Win11, when Win11 Pro professional version didn't have this problem, now it is also going to be forced, and it can't be skipped.

Microsoft's Win system has a local account and online account, the former has the advantage of not needing to network, easy to use, online account can save some settings, but need to be online - for Microsoft, certainly want everyone to use the online account, the user does not like it is also mandatory to push.

Previously Win11 Home Edition would force users to log in with an online account during installation, and now professional editions like Win11 Pro follow suit and cannot be skipped.

For this one forced, there is not no way to break it, that is to kill the Network Connection Flow process directly in the task manager, its role is to install the stage of networking.

However, after the strong kill process, there is also a certain impact on the use of the user, not logging into the account can not download some of the applications in the store, and even can not use some of the applications.

Author: King
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