The new Apple iMac Pro will use Mini-LED technology

Today, analyst Ross Young released the news that the new iMac Pro with Mini-LED technology will be officially released in June.

According to the news released by Ross Young, the new iMac Pro will make its debut at the WWDC Worldwide Developers Conference in June, and at the same time, the product's panel will also start shipping in June.

This time, the new iMac Pro will be divided into two versions of 24-inch and 27-inch, and both will use Mini-LED backlight technology. According to the revelation, this Mini-LED backlight panel will be composed of over 4,000 Mini-LED units, providing 1,000 brightness partitions.

Based on the news previously revealed, the new iMac Pro will use the new screen panel with Mini-LED technology in addition to the M series chip and have a perfect connection port.

It is reported that Mini-LED is a technology that miniaturizes and matrixes LEDs, which reduces the volume of light-emitting units to 1% of traditional LEDs by integrating a high-density micro-cell array of LEDs on a single chip.

This technology enables LED light-emitting units to achieve the same individually driven light-emitting as OLED technology, and has the advantages of high efficiency, high brightness, and high reliability.

Previously, Apple has used Mini-LED technology on iPad Pro and MacBook Pro, but there is user feedback that there are flooding and other display problems caused by the characteristics of the technology.

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