Dimensity 9000 first TSMC 4nm MediaTek 3nm chip also spent on TSMC

MediaTek last November released the Dimensity 9000 processor debuted TSMC 4nm process, energy efficiency performance is very good, the current test results show that the performance of the Snapdragon 8 than the Samsung family OEM to 40-50% higher, the next generation of the Tiangui will be on the 3nm process, or TSMC OEM.

According to TSMC's planning, 3nm process mass production in the second half of this year, but the initial production capacity is likely to be allocated to Apple and Intel two large customers, other manufacturers to queue, at least next year before there is hope.

In these customers, MediaTek 3nm is also determined, MediaTek official also confirmed that there will be 3nm process of the cast, of course, the official is not clear which chip will be on the 3nm process.

According to past practice, MediaTek's 3nm chip should be the next generation successor to the Dimensity 9000, naming words are a bit of a mess, Tiangui 9000 from the rumored Tiangui 2000 mutation, the next generation should be the Dimensity 10000 processor, released before the end of 2022.

According to TSMC's official information, TSMC's 3nm compared to the previous generation of 5nm process, in the logic density increased by 1.7 times, performance increased by 11%, the same performance power consumption can be reduced by 25-30%.

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