Huawei Petal Search online: refreshing, no ads

January 12 news, according to netizens, Huawei Petal Search PC search engine ( has been opened for domestic users. (when we try to access on January 13, it's 403 error now!)

Overall, the search engine design is relatively fresh, and no ads. Functionality supports image, news, video and academic search.

The options provide: display language, search language, search area, safe search, untraceable mode, history search, etc.

Open the following "feedback" - "user agreement", will jump to the official website of Huawei consumers related page.

After testing, the mobile terminal is temporarily unable to normal access.

In January this year, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. added a number of trademark applications, including "petal search", "petal map", "petal" and other trademarks, international classification involving scientific instruments, transportation and storage.

Prior to this, Huawei has been the first to launch its search service Petal Search in overseas markets to replace Google Search. The search engine is to overseas, mobile-first, mainly for Huawei mobile terminal users.

Petal Search was launched on the App Gallery in June last year. developed by Huawei, the search content comes mainly from third-party partners, including Qwant, the largest search engine in Europe, and Yandex, the largest search engine in Russia.

Author: King
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