Word in the little-known shortcut skills are the Office Master

Daily work, always encounter a lot of seemingly simple to do, but not at all easy problems, these problems are often not complex in themselves, but if you do not know the necessary methods, but will consume a lot of our time. Today I will teach you some Word in the quick operation method, want to get out of work faster, just take a look!

word in the little known shortcut skills are the office master

1, fast input accounting with Chinese uppercase numbers

Chinese uppercase numbers in Word does not have a separate function, usually we are using some input method comes with the auxiliary function to complete.

But this method can only achieve the output of Chinese numbers, such as accounting in the commonly used "three hundred and two hundred and twenty-four" or the need to manually tap into the text, and is not a very good solution. In fact, Word comes with automatic numbering will be able to achieve this effect, and more efficient conversion!

The specific method is as follows: click on "Insert" → "Number" to display the numbering dialogue box, type in the corresponding Arabic numerals, then click on the type of number "One, two, three ... "and finally click on the OK button. The corresponding accounting numbers will be displayed in Chinese capital letters.

2, quickly adjust the line spacing

Document processing, often need to adjust the margins according to the content of the document to make the layout more "full sense". The traditional method is relatively cumbersome, requiring frequent calls to the paragraph dialogue box, unlike the keyboard shortcuts, we can use this tool to "speed up" this operation.

To do this, select the line you wish to edit and press the keyboard shortcut. Ctrl+1 means single spacing, Ctrl+2 means double spacing, Ctrl+5 means 1.5 times spacing, so you can quickly get different line spacing effects without having to open the dialogue box.

Of course, in some special cases, shortcut keys are certainly not as flexible as the dialogue box, if there are children who want to weak 1.25 times line spacing ......, or honestly use the dialogue box to do it!

3, quick font size adjustment

In addition to line spacing, font size also has a similar problem, the traditional method is to select ah ...... select ah ...... select ah ...... and then adjust the final font size. In fact, the quickest way to use a program is to select the text first, and then press the shortcut key. The Ctrl + [on behalf of the step-by-step enlargement], Ctrl + [on behalf of the step-by-step reduction!

4, quickly select the highlighted content

Many times we will focus on the content with a "highlighter" (highlighting) marked out, but when the final summary, the problem arose ...... these were considered to be the heavy weight of things, but simply can not be searched.

In fact, Word can be highlighted in the region to perform a search, but the method is somewhat special. Specific approach is to press Ctrl + H to bring up the replacement dialogue box, check the "More" → "Format" → "Highlight", and then click "Find Next" will be able to directly locate the highlighted area.

5, the quick division of tables

Word has a lot of intelligent operation of the table, such as when you press Enter at the end of a line, the program will automatically add a blank line in the next line of the current position.

However, ...... is easy to create, but difficult to break up. How can you split a table from one position into two separate tables? This operation is called - how to quickly split the form!

The specific method is: move the mouse to the location of the form to split, and then press the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Enter, OK!

6, a few groups of quick division line production

We often need to make a division line at work, many children do not understand how to make these divisions. In fact, it is particularly simple, nothing more than a few special symbols connected together, a few seconds can be drawn.

The laptop can't be turned off how to do the laptop can't be turned off to the solution

* Single solid line.

Type three "-" and press enter.

*Double solid line.

Type three "=" and press return.

*Wavy line.

Type three "~" and return.

*Dashed line.

Type three "*" and return.

*Three solid lines (thick in the middle).

Enter three "#" and return.

7, quickly implement word case conversion

Sometimes we will use translation software to translate and input some Chinese and English. For the sake of generalisation, translation tools often give the result of the first letter of the capitalisation.

If it happens that you need to produce all-caps phrases is a problem, manually changing each one takes a lot of time. In fact, a similar operation can be done in Word in just one step.

The specific method is as follows: select the English word or phrase to be converted, click on "Start" → "Font" → "Change Case (Aa)" and then select one of the "Uppercase" buttons. Of course, you can also click on other items in the menu as required, very handy!

8, a key to all the numbers below plus the underline

How to add all the digital items in the contract underline it? to see how the master operates it.

Specific methods: first press Ctrl + H to open the "Replace" dialogue box, then select "More" → "Use wildcard". Then type "[0-9]{1,}" (without the double quotes) in the "Find content" box and "^32" in the "Replace with" box. ^&^32".

Finally, click on the 'Format' panel under the 'Font' item, select a line style in the 'Underline' box and click on 'Replace All'.

Note: "[0-9]" represents any number between 0-9, "{1,}" represents more than 1 number, "^32^&^32" represents the content to be found.

Writing at the end

Similar skills in Word belongs to the more basic content, but many partners in daily use and do not know, the appropriate use of them can make your document editing half the effort, I hope that today's introduction of these can help you.

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