Win10 boot up the card circle how to do? There is this trick absolutely fixed

Windows 10 startup drawing circles is a very annoying thing, with relatively "traditional" ideas to solve the words, can not be on the SSD, add memory, optimise the Windows startup project, but these are the symptoms not the root cause of the problem. Why do I say so pinch, it's because I found when doing platform testing, as long as the use of integrated graphics + discrete computer (including notebooks), are likely to be punished in some cases "drawing circles" spell.

The Windows 10 event manager is a very interesting item called "ULPS". After a quick search, the function of this item is mainly to reduce the frequency and voltage of the secondary graphics card to achieve the objective of saving power. But in the Windows boot, it belongs to the mess, because the system in the boot is required to drive the hardware, there is it first power-saving sleep mode in the activation of the operation, is not a waste of time?

The simplest and most brutal way is to simply turn off. Create a new text document, copy the following content directly into it:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00





Then change the extension of the text file to .reg and double-click it to import it into the registry.

win10 boot up the card circle how to do there is this trick absolutely fixed

The actual test is very effective, if your computer is also in the boot time keep drawing circles, then quickly try this method.

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