What to do when Windows can’t add a printer

Nowadays, using a printer is a very common way of working, and we usually need to use a computer system to connect to a printer. Recently, a Windows user encountered a problem with the printer, and the error showed that Windows could not open the "Add Printer". For those who do not know how to solve. So Windows can not add a printer, how to do it? Next, I will share the solution for Windows can not add a printer, details are as follows.

what to do when windows cant add a printer

Cannot add printer solution:

1, first press WIN+R, shortcut keys to open the "Run" window, type "services.msc" and click OK to open the services; as shown below.

prompt rpc server is not available solution 1

2, go to the "Services" window, find the "Print Spooler" service option and click to select. At the top left, there will be "Start" this service, click Start. As shown in the picture.

what to do when windows cant add a printer 1

3, when we see this service from [Service Status] in the start can be, then click "OK" can be, so that all completed.

4, finally we can check the "devices and printers", and then we are in the blank, right-click - "Add Printer" to see the results, there is no longer unable to open the "Add Printer "the prompt.

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