What to do if the Win desktop icons are slow to refresh

No matter how good or bad your computer is, the moment Windows hits the desktop, those shortcut icons will flash back and forth several times. If you happen to have a computer that is a few years old and is one of the 99% of computers that are defeated on boot, you may have to wait a long time before you can slowly brush it out.

Some of you will say that upgrading the memory and replacing it with a faster SSD will give you instant results. There was a time when I was naive enough to change the hardware, but after much testing I found that it was Windows' extreme memory allocation that was causing the problem. Even if you install 64GB of memory, the startup desktop icon will still be the same without changing the registry.

Come on, after the Win+R key combination, type regedit to open the registry editor and locate


Create a new string value called "Max Cached Icons" on the right and fill in the integer value "4096~8192" for the numeric data.

what to do if the win desktop icons are slow to refresh

The representative desktop icon is able to use a minimum of 4MB and a maximum of 8MB of cache, in practice it is invalid beyond this range, which renders Windows helpless when it comes to really taking advantage of the large amount of memory.

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