What to do about blurry fonts on a high-resolution screen?

As the monitor screen resolution is getting higher and higher, many partners will find that the high screen computer font is relatively small, and by increasing the screen scaling ratio to increase the font, then you will encounter the font blur embarrassment. For a time, the high screen and font blur has become a fish and bear's paw embarrassment. So what about the blurry fonts on the high screen? In fact, as long as you set a reasonable screen scaling ratio, you can also solve the problem of blurred fonts, the following article to win10 system as an example, teach you how to set the screen scaling to better solve the problem of blurred fonts on the high screen.

what to do about blurry fonts on a high resolution screenWindows high-density font blur solution

For many high-division screen laptops, how to set the screen display becomes a headache, 100% display will certainly not appear blurred screen and other phenomena, but too small fonts and icons seriously affect our experience (especially has adapted to 720p display partners); enlarged display (125% or 150%) is bound to make the desktop icons and text larger, more It is convenient to use, but inevitably brings part of the display interface blurred problem.

In fact, Windows system for the system scaling is the existence of two solutions, a reasonable display ratio can be set to both fish and bear paw, the next I will give you a detailed description of how to set the appropriate display ratio, so that the screen icons, fonts and large and clear!

Step 1: the desktop empty, right-click and select [Display Settings], as shown in the figure below.

what to do about blurry fonts on a high resolution screen 1

Step 2: In the menu that opens, click [Custom Zoom], as shown in the following figure.

what to do about blurry fonts on a high resolution screen 2

Step 3: Set the Custom Scale value to 124.

what to do about blurry fonts on a high resolution screen 3

Step 4: Click [Log Out Now].

what to do about blurry fonts on a high resolution screen 4

Why should the scaling be set to 124? I personally tested, the left is the display effect after 125% scaling, the right is the display effect of 124% scaling. By comparison, we can easily see that the right side of the actual display effect is clearer and sharper than the left side of the outline, restore to the screen is that the left side is blurred, while the right side is clear.

You can also test a few more scaling ratio, so that the font size and clarity to achieve a degree more in line with their needs.

The above is the solution to the blurred fonts on the win10 high split screen, high split screen computer partners to try it.

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