What is M.2 Optane Memory and what is the difference between SSDs?

Although the price of SSDs is now relatively stable, but from a few years ago to meet the face of the "cabbage price" or a little distance. There are only a few options in front of the saving user: a large-capacity SSD, a small-capacity SSD + mechanical HDD or a pure mechanical HDD to carry a while.

In fact, if you have an M.2 interface on your motherboard, Intel's Optane Memory can be used as another option for "firefighters".

What is M.2 Optane Memory?

To put it simply, it is similar to the previous Readyboost technology that Windows used to accelerate disk storage with flash drives by pre-storing the data needed by the system in its high-speed space and using it on other devices to speed up the read speed. At the same time, the data in Optane Memory does not disappear when the computer is turned off, so frequently used programs and files can still get the buff of continuous acceleration after the computer is turned on.

what is m 2 optane memory and what is the difference between ssds

via Intel: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/products/details/memory-storage/optane-memory.html

What is the improvement with Optane?

To give you a first impression of the depth of the soul, I made a test comparison chart (all real score data Oh), see below. 32GB Aoton memory + 2TB mechanical HDD combination, read speed can reach about 5 times the general mechanical HDD, SSD more than twice. While the write speed is significantly higher than the mechanical HDD, but limited to the mechanical HDD's "basic" ability, and SSD is still some distance.

what is m 2 optane memory and what is the difference between ssds 1

In terms of copying files and loading large games, both are more than twice as fast as mechanical drives, and the speed curve clearly shows the division of labor between the Aoton and mechanical drives.

what is m 2 optane memory and what is the difference between ssds 2

Need an Optane?

The acceleration effect of Aoton memory on mechanical hard drives and mainstream SSDs is very obvious, and for the different configurations of our partners, I summarize it as follows:

1, still using a mechanical disk to install the system, important programs or storage of frequently used files partners, do not hesitate to add an Aoton memory, and it is best to choose a larger capacity products, so that your mechanical disk has a general sense of SSD use;

2, the use of SSD + mechanical hard disk combination of partners, if the mechanical hard disk is only used for backup, do not often operate, there is no matter, but the mechanical hard disk as audio and video entertainment disk, then with a 16GB Aoton will have a small upgrade;

3, as for the guys who use SSDs of 512GB and above, please go out and turn left, brother, you have gone to the wrong place.

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