To view DAT files on your computer

DAT is not a standard file, many software use this extension, DAT files have no strict definition. So how to open them? Here I'll share with you how to view DAT type files in your computer.

Some users often encounter in the use of computers, .dat files, especially in the CD-ROM bought back with the computer to open, found that many times are DAT format, and sometimes we find that the mail is also .dat. So when you want to open a .dat file, how do you open it? Here I will explain to you how to open the dat file operation.

What software is used to open .dat files?

If dat is a configuration type file, most of the volume is very small, ranging from a few kilobytes to several hundred kilobytes, if you go directly to double-click to open, usually will prompt Windows can not open this file.

to view dat files on your computer

Many configuration files like this are plain text files that can be opened directly with programs like Notepad and Writer's Tablet.

to view dat files on your computer

However, some of them are not plain text files, so if you try to open them with Notepad, you may get garbled codes.

to view dat files on your computer 1

If you get a garbled code, you usually use the binary WinHex tool to open it.

to view dat files on your computer 2

After opening, all you get are some hexadecimal characters, in the right side of the window, will also be displayed as a bunch of gibberish, such a hex file, the average person can not read, are programmers to see.

If the right-click menu does not have WinHex menu to open the dat file, directly open the WinHex program interface, select the "File" menu under the "Open" can also be.

If dat is not a configuration file, but an audio/video file, it must be opened by an audio/video player, such as Windows Media Player, but sometimes Windows Media Player can't open the dat file because it may not have this type of decoder.

As long as the CD is in the optical drive, this software will automatically play the dat file inside.

On what software to open dat files, I'll tell you here, more exciting tutorials in the "PCSofter" official website, welcome to read.

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