Preventing the system key combination with Win from being pressed while playing is just 1 little trick.

The day look at the registry small show a variety of shortcut key operations, we do not think that "Win +" various letters of the system within the key combination is particularly useful ah?

Do not be naive Oh, Win10 for everyone to prepare the system shortcuts at some point is very useful, but there are some who want to Win + F, Win + G these are not commonly used, at some point is a little confused. Some Parkinson's chief editor in the use of other software, but Ctrl and Alt can be pressed in a row to the Win key, and then add F or G, come on, the software within the search into the system search, card dead you no discussion.

So, to avoid people in the game, software show operation of the rollover accident, the easiest way is ...... is not to block the Win key, rob answer from you sit down. It is to block and Win with other letter keys, effective and does not interfere with the normal use of the said. WIN + R key combination after typing regedit in the registry editor, go to:


On the right, create a new string value called "DisabledHotkeys".

preventing the system key combination with win from being pressed while playing is just 1 little trick

If you want to block a particular hotkey, simply enter the corresponding capital letter in its numerical data, and as many as you like, without spaces or other symbols to separate them.

These blocked hotkeys are only invalid when used with the Win key, they do not affect the normal use of Ctrl and Alt or any other software, so feel free to add letters to them!

Author: King
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