How to turn off System Restore in Windows

Anyone familiar with Windows should know that the system has a built-in System Restore feature. By default, it is set in the system's C drive so that in the event of a major system failure, we can restore the operating system to its original state. But sometimes we often close this function. So how to turn off Win's System Restore feature? Let's take a look at the tutorial on how to turn off the system restore function in Win.

How to close System Restore

1, first right-click on the computer icon, select [Properties] ---- [Advanced System Settings] ---- [System Protection] option, remove the check mark before closing System Restore on all drives can be, as shown in the figure.

how to turn off system restore in windows

2, and then use the WIN+R key combination to open the Run window, type gpedit.msc in the window to open the Group Policy, as shown below.

3, next, in the Computer Configuration ---- Administrative Templates --- System --- System Restore --- Enable to turn off System Restore as shown below.

how to turn off system restore in windows 1

On the win system to close the system restore feature for partners to share here in detail, I hope this tutorial to help the site users and reference value.

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