How to set Windows system compatibility

System compatibility is an operation we often use in the process, we often encounter the download and installation of some software can not use the situation, then this time you need to use the compatibility way to open, especially some advanced versions of software, the system version is low can not open. So how to set the Windows system compatibility? Here is a look at the Windows compatibility settings tutorial shared by me.

Windows system compatibility setting method

1, first we open a program, right mouse click and select the [Troubleshoot Compatibility] option, as shown in the figure below:

how to set windows system compatibility

2, it is worth mentioning that we need to have trouble with the software above the right-click, rather than the software shortcut to select compatibility troubleshooting. This time it will be automatically detected, as shown in the figure below:

how to set windows system compatibility 1

3, after the detection to, we need to select the troubleshooting options, this time it is recommended to recommend "try the recommended settings" option.

4. Next, click on "Test Program" to test whether the software can run properly, and then click on the next step.

5, if there are no problems, we will click on the "Yes, save these settings for this program" can be.

6, if there are still other problems, then this time you should choose "No, use other settings and try again".

7, and finally according to the program specific issues to choose, check the box after clicking the next step. This will return to the fourth step, repeat the operation until the problem is solved.

It is worth noting that not all programs can be solved by this method, some of the ancient era of the program is really only in the old system to run properly.

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