How to Disable Win10 Self Update Driver Disable Win10 Self Update Driver Tutorial

We all know what drivers are for in Windows, right? If the computer hardware without drivers and scrap is no different. After Win10 1803 version, the actual test, as long as the hardware is not too strange, basically can be installed directly through Windows Update automatically, saving ah, before I prepared this driver package basically can be laid off.

The advantages of automatic updates are known, what are the disadvantages you know? In fact, each hardware to the manufacturer is a life cycle, take the graphics card, for example, the beginning of the market support of the driver can basically only play 60% to 70% of the performance (anecdotal evidence), in the market 6 months to 8 months later, there will be a version of the driver can play 100% of the performance of the hardware, which is also considered the product's "ultimate"After that, apart from adding new features and optimising the experience for a particular game, the driver is not very useful except for the good-looking version number. The same goes for other hardware. Since the driver is installed and the computer is working fine, we should not let the "automatic driver update" add to the mess, after all, the new version of the driver may have another risk, not stable enough.

So what I want to show you today is how to keep Win10 updated normally, but block the driver updates. Come on, press Win + R and type regedit, search for:


The default value of DriverUpdateWizardWuSearchEnabled on the right will change from 1 to 0 after you log out of your current account or restart your computer to prevent all hardware on your current computer from receiving driver updates from Windows Update.

how to disable win10 self update driver disable win10 self update driver tutorial

The one-size-fits-all approach above may be a little impersonal, as some mates may want certain hardware drivers updated while others are disabled. That's OK, there are ways around such requests.

Type gpedit.msc after pressing WIN+R to open the Group Policy Editor and go to 'Computer Configuration - Administrative Templates - System - Device Installation - Device Installation Restrictions'. Then double-click on the right-hand side of 'Block the installation of devices using drivers similar to the following device installer classes', select 'Enabled' and we will be asked to enter the GUID of the device we want to disable.

how to disable win10 self update driver disable win10 self update driver tutorial 1

Where can I find the GUID for this device? Go to Device Manager, find the hardware, right click and select Properties. Go to the 'Details' tab and find the 'Class Guid' option in the 'Properties' drop down menu, the system will display the hardware GUID, copy it to 'Copy this into Group Policy' to customise the blocking of driver updates for specific hardware.

how to disable win10 self update driver disable win10 self update driver tutorial 2

You see, there are several methods available, and which one you use depends on how you want to use the Windows Update driver update feature.

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