How To boot the Windows installation disk

In this topic, we describe how to boot these USB installation disks, that is, how to boot your computer from a USB drive.

Booting your computer from a USB drive is as simple as pressing a specific button while your computer is booting. The tricky part is knowing which button to press. You have to find it based on the make and model of your computer. Here are a few, but they are not comprehensive, and some brands may have changed.

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In general, the computer has two function options when it is just booting, which correspond to two buttons. One of the function options is to enter the BIOS settings, and the other function option is to select the boot device, so you need to pay attention to it when you check it. After checking the corresponding keys, you can press the corresponding keys furiously when the computer is booting up, so that you can enter the corresponding function options.

Let's start with the easiest one - choose to boot from the U disk using the boot function when the computer boots. This operation is very simple, you just need to press the corresponding button when booting, and then the screen will appear after the identification of several boot items, you can select the U disk through the ↑, ↓ button, directly enter on it.

how to boot the windows installation diskBIOS boot device customization options

The more complicated way is to go into the BIOS and change the order of the boot items. The BIOS setup interface is a bit complicated for a beginner, so you can ignore it and just look for the options related to BOOT and boot. Then you need to move the USB device to the top of this item, and then return to the main BIOS interface, in the Exit (usually the last one) item select "save and reboot" such an option, that is, save and reboot the meaning. Then the computer will reboot from the U disk after the reboot. Here is a collection of some for your reference:

how to boot the windows installation disk 1

how to boot the windows installation disk 2

how to boot the windows installation disk 3

how to boot the windows installation disk 4

how to boot the windows installation disk 5

It should be noted that different brands of motherboards are set up differently, so the things mentioned above may have different names in the BIOS settings of some users' computers, which requires you to be a little more careful, find the boot order, and adjust it to save it afterwards. Of course, new hardware usually provides a Chinese version and a graphical version of the BIOS, this setting is more intuitive.

One more thing to note is that if you set the U disk as the first boot item in the BIOS, it is best to unplug the U disk when the computer is rebooted for the first time, or enter the BIOS again to set the hard disk as the first boot item, otherwise it will reboot from the U disk again, this operation can reduce unnecessary trouble.

Remember that different brands of BIOS settings will be different, it is best to search online in advance to familiarize yourself with the information, the other BIOS settings are best not to change if the old driver can ignore.

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