How do I turn on Chrome Canary’s Dark Theme mode?

Google has pushed out the latest Dark Mode to the Chrome Canary channel, the hardest working iteration. As a developer-centric, over-the-top experience project, interested parties can agree to the software's terms of service and turn on hidden features in the settings, though the current functionality isn't perfect. Of course, if you encounter any incompatibilities (such as online banking), please switch to Chrome or other official browser versions to work.

how do i turn on chrome canarys dark theme mode

For now, Google has only enabled Chrome for Android in dark mode, so if you want to experience it on MacOS, Windows, and other platforms, please upgrade to the latest version of Chrome Canary first.

Chrome Canary Download at:

how do i turn on chrome canarys dark theme mode 1

To enable Dark Mode, type the following in the Chrome address bar and press Enter


Of course, you will see some warnings about "experimental features". Please use caution with options you are not familiar with.

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