HDD to SSD! Understand AMD Platform StoreMI Acceleration

Rich or poor, solid state is simply the only way to improve the performance of your computer. However, the capacity of solid state drives is undeniably small (buy 1TB solid state pool friends please skim), the cost of expanding capacity is the need to spend more money. In fact, if you are considering the installation, the 400 series chipset AMD platform has a good way to not spend money - StoreMI, although currently only available on the X470, but the future 400 series chipset low-end products listed in the same can support this feature: the integration of high-speed SSD and the use of solid state disk for mechanical disk acceleration!


[Win] AMD StoreMI v2.1.0.218 Download

Super easy to set up in seconds

StoreMI is actually a mix of SSD speed and mechanical hard drive capacity, using the former to accelerate the latter, which is equivalent to integrating the two into a "hybrid hard drive" for use. Note that to install StoreMI, you must have a Windows 10 64-bit operating system and a new AMD X470 motherboard (a future 400 series chipset product) with a maximum SSD of 256GB and a maximum mechanical hard drive of 2TB, because you are borrowing storage space, so the storage capacity had better be larger as well.

Install StoreMI on a computer with SSD and mechanical hard drives, after which you must first select the acceleration mode, there are boot acceleration and two non-boot acceleration modes, the first can be used for the system disk to speed up the system boot, the second and third are accelerated only after entering the system, suitable for data disks, especially the second, which allows one of the hard drives to bring its own data. After that, manually specify the high-speed and low-speed hard disk, and finally set the borrowed memory acceleration capacity, so that it is OK.

hdd to ssd understand amd platform storemi acceleration

hdd to ssd understand amd platform storemi acceleration 1

hdd to ssd understand amd platform storemi acceleration 2

The two drives in StoreMI are recognized as one drive in the system, and the capacity is the sum of the capacities of the two drives. This new "hard drive" can be repartitioned, installed with systems and software, and used just like a regular hard drive, and can be "unbundled" at any time through StoreMI.

hdd to ssd understand amd platform storemi acceleration 3

Speed test, this is the experience of Terabyte SSD

How efficient is this "hybrid drive"? You should know that a similar approach is not AMD's first, but the performance improvement is really limited and is a better-than-nothing product. I deliberately used a 240GB solid state + 2TB mechanical drive, divided by 2GB of memory to run the test. The results of the run scores are very surprising, StoreMI under the speed of the hard drive are far more than the mechanical hard drive, as if it is a large-capacity SSD, some files can be read from the memory, it is able to reach more than 4GB / s ultra-high speed, feel really fly up the same.

hdd to ssd understand amd platform storemi acceleration 4

Some of you may be concerned that if the files stored in your computer exceed the capacity of the SSD, the acceleration effect will not be affected. StoreMI is very similar to the ReadyBoost technology that Windows uses to accelerate the hard disk, the SSD in StoreMI is only a transit point for accelerated reading and writing, as for where and how our files are stored, there is no need to think about it, we just need to know that this low-cost StoreMI can let us Just know that this low-cost StoreMI allows us to experience a significant speed increase on the line.

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