Computer failure summary do not know the computer can also repair the method

Home, office computer use will inevitably encounter a variety of failures, today on the common problems and methods for a summary, such as friends may want to pay attention to or collect.

computer failure summary do not know the computer can also repair the method

I. Computer crashes

Computer crashes! This should be the most painful thing for white people, especially the old computer is really a word and give you a blue screen face (the performance of the dead computer is usually "blue screen", can not start the system), the screen "freeze", for us white users on the hands and feet, the computer does not No response, the mouse, keyboard can not input, software operation is not normal interruption, can only be forced to shut down and restart.

In fact, there are many reasons for the crash, but there is an old saying that "everything changes", the reason is always two reasons: hardware and software.

II. The computer blue screen

The worst, the most helpless is the blue screen. The reason for analysis, if the bandit condition, please check the hard drive, we do not understand the hard drive does not matter, bend your head to listen to whether the host has a disturbing noise, sound comparison, if so, then please replace the hard drive or redo the system. Of course, most are not, then restart the computer is fine.

computer failure summary do not know the computer can also repair the method 1

1. solution, please ignore the minor problems, reboot is fine. Please do not spray me, because many blue screen events are not necessary to fix, it is also difficult to check the root, no harm.

2. Xp win7 system boot press F8 until the following situation, select the last correct configuration can be resolved.

3. Win8 win10 system forced shutdown, wait until the boot, select the boot settings more, find the safe boot, and then delete the failure point can be.

Appendix: Part of the blue screen code, for reference only

0 0x0000 Job completed.

1 0x0001 Wrong function.

2 0x0002 The system could not find the specified file.

3 0x0003 The system could not find the specified path.

4 0x0004 The system could not open the file.

5 0x0005 Access denied.

6 0x0006 Invalid code.

7 0x0007 Memory control block corrupted.

8 0x0008 Insufficient memory to process this command.

9 0x0009 Invalid memory control block address.

10 0x000A The environment is wrong.

11 0x000B An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format.

12 0x000C Access code error.

13 0x000D Data error.

14 0x000E There is not enough memory to complete the job.

15 0x000F Could not find the specified disk.

16 0x0010 Could not remove directory.

17 0x0011 The system could not move the file to another disk.

18 0x0012 There are no files.

19 0x0013 The volume is write-protected.

20 0x0014 The system was unable to locate the specified device.

21 0x0015 The device is not ready.

22 0x0016 The device does not recognize the command.

23 0x0017 Data error (cyclic redundancy check).

24 0x0018 The program issued a command of the wrong length.

25 0x0019 The device could not find the specified sector or track on the disk.

26 0x001A The specified disk or page is not accessible.

27 0x001B The disk could not find the requested sector.

28 0x001C The printer is out of paper.

29 0x001D The system could not write data to the specified disk.

30 0x001E The system is unable to read the specified device.

31 0x001F A device connected to the system is inoperative.

32 0x0020 The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

33 0x0021 Part of the file is locked and cannot be accessed.

34 0x0022 The disk has the wrong volumes. Please insert %2 (volume serial number: %3) into drive %1.

36 0x0024 Too many shared files open.

38 0x0026 End of file reached.

39 0x0027 Disk is full.

50 0x0032 This network request is not supported.

51 0x0033 Remote computer unavailable.

52 0x0034 Duplicate network name.

53 0x0035 Network path not found.

54 0x0036 Network is busy.

55 0x0037 The specified network resource or device is no longer available.

56 0x0038 The network BIOS command limit has been reached.

57 0x0039 There is a problem with the network adapter.

58 0x003A The specified server cannot perform the requested job.

59 0x003B An unexpected network error occurred.

60 0x003C The remote adapter is incompatible.

III. The computer lagging

There are 2 reasons for lagging, one is the configuration of the hardware is low, this situation can be used to upgrade the memory plus solid state drive, of course, desktop computers can also upgrade the graphics card, or even replace the memory, but the big data show that more than 90% of people can replace the memory and hard drive to solve the lagging problem. Now the computer is generally more than 4G memory, the game is directly recommended more than 8G, how to still lag, it is recommended to upgrade the SSD again, so that the transformation, and then card are difficult.

This situation is relatively easy to understand, a feature does not require multiple software. For example, installed antivirus software and go to install the computer manager, for example, after the 4 browser, this situation we will hurry to uninstall useless software it, because the computer is too tired.

There is also improper use, multiple processes at the same time, such as opening a dozen Web pages at the same time, open several videos at the same time. Another example is the placement of the chassis, placed in the desk, the heat can not be dissipated in time.

Well, the above is a summary of several common computer failures, today it is here, we have learned?

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