Adding RAM feels like no change to your system? Change these items and talk again!

The question of memory size was briefly answered by me in a test last week. The large amount of RAM is only noticeable for PS and video processing, mainly because Windows has to take care of computers that are not equipped with a large amount of RAM to ensure the experience.

So, if you happen to have Win7 with more than 8GB of RAM and Win10 with just 16GB, and you're reading this right now, don't hesitate to get your hands dirty and make the most of that hardware investment with flexibility!

Go ahead, type regedit into the registry editor after WIN+R and Goto:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management

adding ram feels like no change to your system change these items and talk again

Find the DisablePagingExecutive, LargeSystemCache and SecondLevelDataCache options. Then set them one by one, please listen to me one by one.

DisablePagingExecutive value data to "1" is to disable the page file, no longer let Windows use the low-speed hard disk for data exchange, and all in memory to complete this discretionary use, after all, some programs / games run up, 32GB memory are plug the.

Change the value of LargeSystemCache to "1", which starts the large system cache and opens up some space in memory for pre-read operations of disk files, changing this can effectively improve the boot speed of the system, but the memory space used is also drifting up, the actual test of Win10 with 16GB is within the acceptable range, and the boot speed has increased a lot.

As for the SecondLevelDataCache, it is not as simple as filling it with 0 or 1. It involves increasing the hit rate of data reads with the processor's second level cache, which is set at 1/8 of the physical memory size.

Only after a detailed setup will Windows effectively take advantage of the large memory, rather than being stuck with mediocre performance.

Author: King
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