5 minutes to become a computer DIY god

When I first came into contact with the computer as a child, I felt that this generous box is amazing, there is a world I have never seen before, every day to play a little Red Alert, CS, although this is just playing blind, but it is enjoyable, thinking if I can assemble a computer of their own in the future would be good.

5 minutes to become a computer diy god

Gradually, from the Internet to learn about a variety of hardware knowledge, which for a young boy who likes to throw, as if to open the door to a new world, from then on it is unstoppable, their home computer dismantled and dismantled. I don't know if you have that kind of complex feelings when you dismantle the computer and then finally put it back together when you find a few more screws ......

5 minutes to become a computer diy god 1

This way to play DIY came, they have installed a very large number of machines, in the installation skills can be said to have a lot of experience, now I will share some of my installation experience to white players, so that these players less detours, and finally successfully have their own assembly of a cool host!

Install the new machine wild war games, the old driver's paradise "Need for Speed" to come, feel the game smoothly.

CPU installation must be careful

CPU as one of the core hardware of the machine, its importance we will not say more, from its appearance at the top of the configuration list results we know that the CPU directly determines the performance of the machine, the following we will talk about the CPU installation should pay attention to some details!

5 minutes to become a computer diy god 2Intel CPU Correct Installation Direction

5 minutes to become a computer diy god 3AMD Ryzen Installer

Intel and AMD CPUs have similarities and differences when it comes to installation. The similarities are that you have to pull the lever up and then place the CPU in the published CPU location, but Intel's CPU socket is a contact while AMD's CPU has pins underneath, so gamers should be careful not to bend the pins when installing the Ryzen processor.

For this reason, Intel motherboards have CPU dock covers, while AMD motherboards do not. After installing the CPU, gamers should apply heat conductive silicone grease to the CPU for better heat dissipation.

Air-cooled radiators are properly installed as follows

First of all, we should note that our CPU after installation, you need to install a CPU cooler for heat dissipation, otherwise there is no way to use the computer properly, the common CPU coolers on the market now have air-cooled, integrated water-cooled and split water-cooled solutions, of course, the high-end and liquid nitrogen, phase cooling, etc., but today we are entry-level teaching, on the most common air-cooled coolers on the market for you.

There are two broad categories of air-cooled radiators: tower (side-blown) radiators and downforce radiators.

5 minutes to become a computer diy god 4
Tower type Side blowing (left) Downward pressure type (right)

The two types of radiators in the working principle is basically the same, the installation of downward pressure radiator only one, and the tower radiator installation is relatively so some of the instructions, the following we come good and explain to you!

5 minutes to become a computer diy god 5

Correct orientation of the radiator installation

The working principle of the side-blowing cooler is to use the fan to blow away the heat transferred from the CPU to the cooling fins in time to drain the inside of the case, so the correct way to install a tower cooler is to let the fan blow from the inside of the case to the back of the case to ultimately provide a better cooling effect.

5 minutes to become a computer diy god 6

Heatsink Power Supply Interface

Finally, do not forget that many players installed the cooler thought the great success, but ignored an important issue, that is, the CPU-FAN interface, if the cooler is not connected to this interface, then the computer is no way to boot properly! If you are an old bird, you can set in the BIOS to ignore, but for new players, the words, can not open the machine's mood, you can imagine how complicated it is.

I often encountered such a situation, is because there is no bad CPU FAN led to the inability to boot the situation, the results of the urgent group, so players must remember to have this operation after the installation of the CPU fan!

It is said that 60% of boot failures are memory related!

Now the basic four generations of memory has begun to be fully popular, compared to three generations of memory, four generations of memory, the number of gold fingers as well as the frequency have been improved, that is, the performance is improved a lot, but remember, three generations of memory and four generations of memory can not be common, this player must remember to buy memory when you see their motherboard support the type of memory, do not happen to buy back can not use the error!

5 minutes to become a computer diy god

DDR2/DDR3/DDR4 Memory Comparison

From the above comparison, we can see that the length of the three generations of memory is the same, the difference is that the density of gold finger is significantly different, generation than generation dense, which is why the performance is getting stronger and stronger important reason.

5 minutes to become a computer diy god 7

Installation Tutorial

The installation of memory is relatively simple, first to lift up one side of the buckle, and then in accordance with the location of the anti-dumbing snap to insert the memory into the floor on it, insert the bottom, then both sides of the memory snap will automatically lock, and will hear the "click" sound, the player must be sure that the memory is installed after the installation of memory, because the computer always blue screen problem, a large part of the memory is not installed for a good reason.

Jumper is actually not as complicated as you think!

Jumper is undoubtedly one of the most headaches for rookie players, how in the end, where to get? No way to start ah, the following we will teach you to easily learn to jump the line!

5 minutes to become a computer diy god 8

Definition of the different types of jumpers in the above diagram.

POWER SW: Chassis Panel Power Button

RESET SW: Reboot Button

POWER LED (+/-): Power Indicator

H.D.D LED: Hard Drive Display Line

5 minutes to become a computer diy god 9

The jumper is usually located in the F-PANEL area of the motherboard.

5 minutes to become a computer diy god 10

Audio Interface

5 minutes to become a computer diy god 11

USB 3.0 Interface

In fact, the jumper connection method is very simple, the following I will explain to you. Among them, the power switch and reboot switch are not divided into positive and negative, that is, the player can be positive and negative random dislike on it, and the two indicators (power indicator and hard disk indicator) need to distinguish between positive and negative, the player after the motherboard tips to install on the good, do not make a mistake positive and negative!

HD AUDIO and USB jumper positions are also marked on the motherboard, and have done the anti-dumb design, the player installed incorrectly is no way to install good, but can not exclude some players vigorously out of the miracle ha, so jumper as long as the player is careful, hand steady, there is nothing wrong with the installation.

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