PS5 PRO rumoured to be in development: likely to be released in late 2024

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) is rumoured to be working on a new generation PlayStation 5 Pro (PS5 Pro), and previous reports that the PS5 Pro was an update to the loadable disc have left many PlayStation gamers sceptical, believing it to be a minor revision.

The latest news from Insider Gaming is that the PS5 Pro will be released as early as the end of 2024, with improved visuals, performance and speed.

Although a detachable disc version of the PS5 console was previously rumoured by Insider Gaming, in this report Insider Gaming says that this new model is only intended to phase out the PlayStation 5 currently on the market in order to reduce production and shipping costs, but is not a PS5 Pro console.

Insider Gaming's sources say that the removable disc console is just the beginning of a hardware update for the PS5 generation. This seems to indicate the possibility of further changes in the future.

ps5 pro rumoured to be in development likely to be released in late 2024

In addition, new patent details previously obtained by PlayStation Chief System Architect Mark Cerney suggest that SIE is working on ways to improve the game's ray tracing performance. This has led Insider Gaming to speculate that the PS5 Pro revision will have improved visuals, performance and speed. As for the details of the PS5 Pro, Insider Gaming says that there is not much information available at the moment and that it will have to wait for a later release.

Insider Gaming also mentions that the next generation PlayStation, the PS6, will not be released until at least 2028. With the PS5 console market only just stabilising after a severe chip shortage, it would be logical for Sony to launch the PS5 Pro at this time to accelerate the demise of the PS4 console, as game developers will need to release additional copies of the PS4 to sell more games.

All we can say is that while the news is still out there, gamers will have to wait for Sony's release to find out the real answer.

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