“Prey” is now free on the Epic Games Store

Today (December 26) is the sixth day of the event, the official announced at 0:00 on time the free game of the day: FPS Game "Prey" released by Arkane Studios. Players need to log into the Epic Mall before 11:59 on December 27, the game a click into the library, later than this point in time will only be able to receive the mystery game tomorrow.

About "Prey"

"Prey" is a science fiction first-person role-playing game produced by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda, a reboot of the original Xbox 360 and PS3 game "Predator 2". This game completely reconstructs the series setting, adding psychological thriller elements.

In the game, the player will play a character named Morgan, he joined an experiment designed to improve the capabilities of humans, but the experiment in the moral aspects of the choice is very "ambiguous". The game is set in 2032, the player needs to explore the secrets of the Talos 1 space station, to fight against alien monsters, using intelligence, weapons, and mental skills to fight.

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