On sale in the summer of 2024! “The BlackMyth: Goku” Year of the Rabbit special trailer is here

At the beginning of each year, the official "The BlackMyth: Goku" will release a demo short film to show the game's development progress while celebrating the New Year.

Today, the official finally released the work of the Year of the Rabbit greeting short film, and brought a heavy news for all players.

on sale in the summer of 2024 the blackmyth goku year of the rabbit special trailer is here

The short film is based on stop-motion animation and tells the short story of a player who finds his computer configuration insufficient after buying "The BlackMyth: Goku" and upgrades his configuration to play smoothly with his friends.

And from the short film within the live screen, the current combat system has been more perfect, and the monster AI has also been improved, will adjust the moves according to the player's operation, rather than dumb to take a beating.

At the end of the short film, "The BlackMyth: Goku" official announcement, the release of the work has been set in the summer of 2024, but slightly unfortunately, did not release the specific release date.

However, compared to the previous remote, can be determined in a year or so to play this domestic 3A masterpiece, is also enough to call it good news.

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