Nintendo President Says Switch Can Still Fight Again

For gamers who are always interested in game console news, "new Switch models" can almost be said to be a commonplace topic, every now and then someone will break the news that a new console is about to be announced, but in the end none of it is confirmed.

nintendo president says switch can still fight again

The news that is often "screened" with high intensity undoubtedly proves that players are looking forward to the new Nintendo console and are dissatisfied with the existing features of the Switch.

But unfortunately, according to Nintendo's official news, there is no hope of releasing a new console anytime soon.

In this week's Investor Q&A, current Nintendo President Shuntaro Tanigawa denied the rumor that the Switch is dead, saying that there are still more games being developed with the Switch as the base platform and that new first-party games will continue to be released in the future.

In light of players' dissatisfaction with the Switch's hardware features, he argued: "However, Switch games are being developed and new games will continue to be released in the future. We are seeing new player demand for hardware and multi-system demand, but we think there is still room for sales growth.

In fact, there are already a number of Switch games that have reluctantly opted to cut back on special effects and resolution due to the host's functional limitations, including first-party games such as the Xenoblade series.

nintendo president says switch can still fight again 1

And for third-party developers, the Switch's performance is the biggest dilemma preventing them from bringing their games to the platform.

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