Nintendo announces partnership with DeNA to create new company

In the world of consoles, Nintendo can be described as an almost deafening name that no one knows.

However, in the new field of handheld games, both Fire Emblem: Heroes, developed and operated by Nintendo, and The Lost Dragon Covenant, a collaboration with CyGames, have had poor commercial results and word of mouth.

nintendo announces partnership with dena to create new company

Today, the official website for NINTENDO SYSTEMS, a new company formed by Nintendo in collaboration with Japanese mobile games company DeNA, has been launched, perhaps signalling that the console veteran will once again make an impact on mobile games.

On its website, NINTENDO SYSTEMS states that the aim of the company is to bring together Nintendo's and DeNA's respective obsessions with entertainment and technology to create original entertainment innovations.

The company will then focus on developing and operating systems and new services that will bring Nintendo's entertainment to a wider range of customers.

According to registration information, NINTENDO SYSTEMS was established in November last year with a registered capital of 5 billion yen, with Nintendo contributing 80% and DeNA 20%.

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